The Path of the Game Dev — Day 2

Saving progress…

— —

Though today was a busy weekend, I took a few hours to keep working on the 2D game development course. Something about it started making sense as I began to write the scripts for a rudimentary space shooter type of game.

During our big team meeting on Friday we discussed script communication and common mistakes made. At that time I was still trying to wrap my head back around coding in general and I had no idea what everyone else was talking about. It was great to finally be able to understand the little steps that go into accessing information between scripts. Kind of mind blowing that something that seems so simple and logical takes so much specificity to run properly.

Another thing that has popped up over the past few days of this course is how much more important it is to write your own code instead of copying and pasting what someone else wrote. If you copy/paste, you’re not allowing yourself to really understand what is being conveyed. It’s like buying a mystery birthday cake for your friend from the store instead of baking one yourself — sure, it’s a cake, but you don’t know how it was made, what it tastes like, if it will give your friend an allergic reaction, if it will even be edible. It could work but chances are you have no idea what to do when your friend asks you to make the cake again, this time with less chocolate.

Biggest takeaways from the day: Computers really do need you to do everything for them.

— —

Progress saved!




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Gabrielle Igarta

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