The Path of the Game Dev — Day 19

Saving progress…

— —

So, uh. I forgot to save some of the changes I made to my spawning script so I had to work back through it. Spent over an hour correcting the spawn manager from doing everything from yesterday (like infinitely spawning it from game start) and from the problems I had with those solutions I had just implemented. I moved methods around, rewrote and deleted scripts that weren’t useful, and continued to force the boss to spawn by changing the wave index in the inspector to make sure it wasn’t breaking anything. A minor setback but I like the methods a lot better now.

To finish it up, I created an end scene for when the player defeats the boss. And if you want to go again? Just press the Main Menu Button!

Since there was still a bit of time left in the day I started looking at the Cinematography course. Much to my surprise it started out covering how to build an environment: how to apply materials, configure lighting, manipulate the skybox, etc. While not the most difficult of challenges, it was still exciting to see how to do it all in Unity.

I’m still hesitant to work in 3D because I worried that I wasn’t ready. How could I jump straight into it from 2D when I struggled so much with some of the major features? But starting with an in depth explanation of the environment gave me a solid foundation to work with. Since most of the scene was pre-built, it was easier to grasp that this was just a framework, that we weren’t expected to have to do everything ourselves just yet.

Biggest takeaways from the day: REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR WORK!

— —

Progress saved!



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